Thursday, July 21, 2011

Days of 47 float preview and SLCC band with Kodiak

Our Trip to Cove Fort and St. George

The entrance to Cove Fort

The inside of Cove Fort

One of the Rooms in Cove Fort

Another Room and bed.
St George cactus and rock. How pretty!

St George Temple

Tuacahn, a theater.

Otie on the trip. He is a great traveler.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank you to Misty Rose

Misty Rose has been such a rock in my life this last year. Salt Lake City has been a very hard adjustment. She decide that we needed to make this trip and she made it all possible. Thank you so much to my beautiful Misty Rose.

Andrew Mason Butler

My newest grandchild was born July 5th. It was so great to be able to be there. He belongs to my third son Neil and his sweet wife Dannelle. He has a big sister Josie and a big brother James.

Trip to the waterfront on the Columbia

Arriving, Heather, Emerson and Norah!

Enjoying our Drinks, Breakfast and a game of Scrabble!

Heather, Norah, and Emerson.

I fell in love with this place several years ago. It is wonderful even in the rain or wind. This day was absoultely beautiful.

My Sweet MOM, My Best Friend

My sister Eileen and I went to visit my Mom during the Party. She no longer recognizes me, but it was great to see her.

MY MOM and Eileen.

My Dad and Heather organized an early Birthday Party for me.

Charles, Dad, my sister Eileen, Misty Rose in the background and Dannelle's arm.

Dad, Eileen, Charles, James the Pirate and Josie

My wonderful Birthday cake. Strawberry Cheescake Ice Cream Cake.

My  beautiful Grandaughter Josie.
It was so fun to have an early party. Thanks to all!